Brett Torson Maintenance Foreman at Lane County Feeders said:

“I refer to the mapping program on average once a week. It saves us a ton of time and money by not having to have the power or phone company bring out a tracer and find the lines. With the program, we can print out where lines already are. The local phone company was putting in new fiber optic cables. When we handed them a printout of the mapped area, they said this is going to save us so much time.
When you’re dealing with feedlots that are 30, 40 or 50 years old, the feedlot and the technology needs to be updated. We’re looking at changing from a two chute load out for fats to a three chute. By looking at the blueprints, we can see what we need to do before we call dig safe. We can plan ahead, looking at water lines and electric lines and what changes need to be made.”
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