Main Window Toolbar

main windowThis is the Main Window

exitThe Exit button exits the program.
backupThe Backup button backs up the program. Please see the Backup Video 1 & Backup Video 2 for a detailed explanation.
backThe Back button takes you back a page.
forwardThe Forward button takes you forward a page.
editThe Edit button will take you into the editor where you can make changes to existing blueprints or create new ones.
historyThe Notepad button opens a notepad type window that allows you to view or make changes to the history of that BluePrint.
settingsThe Settings button. Please see the Settings Video 1 for a detailed explanation.
layersThe Layers button. Please see the Layers Video 1 for a detailed explanation.
legendThe Legend button will show or hide the Legend window. Please see the Legend Video for a detailed explanation.
printThe Print button will print the current BluePrint. If you have zoomed in to show a particular part, only the zoomed part of the BluePrint will be printed.
zoomThe Zoom button will allow you to use the mouse wheel to zoom in or out. Clicking it again will return the drawing to full size.
aboutThe About button will show the About screen. This screen contains the version number, along with an e-mail link and a link to this website.